Get married or form a civil partnership

Find out about marriage and civil partnership, and what you need to do to have one.

  1. Check the guidance

    Check the guidance on who can get married or have a civil partnership in Scotland.

  2. Decide what type of ceremony you want

    Decide whether you want a religious, belief or civil ceremony, or a simple registration.

  3. Decide where to have your ceremony or registration

    You can have a civil marriage or civil partnership in a registration office or authorised venue. Religious or belief marriages can take place anywhere.

  4. Give notice

    Before you can get married or have a civil partnership you must tell us you plan to get married. This is called giving notice.

  5. What you must send us

    As well as your notice forms, you must send us some other documents. A certified translation must be provided with any documents that are not in English.


  6. Fees we charge you

    The fee to give notice is £90 (£45 for each partner). This fee is not refundable. There are additional charges, depending on the type and location of your service.

  7. Where to send your documents

    Details of where to send your documents, or if you want to do it in person.

  8. After we process your application

    We'll return all your documents after we've processed them. You'll need a schedule to get married or have a civil ceremony, and you'll have to sign it and send it back to us before we send your certificate.