Check what goes in your recycling bins or sacks, your collection days, order a new bin or report a problem with your collection.

Report a recycling collection problem

Sometimes we are unable to collect your waste. For example, because of roadworks, vehicle breakdown, or we are unable to get to your collection point.

If the reason your bin was missed is listed on our missed bin notices page, we will try again as soon as possible and you do not need to report it.

If your bin was not put out for collection before 6.30am or in the right place, we will not come back to collect it.

You can report a missed collection from 4pm on the day your collection is due. You cannot report it after 2 days. If you make a report we will let you know if and when we plan to come back to make your collection, if it is our fault the collection was missed.

Report a missed collection

If your bin was tagged

We may tag your bin for various reasons:

  • green tag - the recycling bin was contaminated with non-recyclable items, or the wrong items were in the bin - we will not empty the bin until this contamination is removed
  • purple tag: the wrong bin was left out for collection - enter your address on our household waste collection schedule to check your collection day
  • white tag: the bin was too heavy for the crew or the vehicle to lift  - remove some of the contents before your next collection, or if you have a lot of excess waste you could:
  • red tag: the bin lid will not close as the bin has been over-filled, the bin is jammed or frozen, or waste has been left on top of, or next to, the bin
  • orange tag: 2 bins were left out for collection - we only collect either your red bin or your blue bin on your recycling collection days 
  • blue tag: the bin had farm waste in it, for example plastics or twine - we will not empty the bin until this contamination is removed