Check what goes in your recycling bins or sacks, your collection days, order a new bin or report a problem with your collection.

Order a replacement recycling bin or sack

Order a replacement bin or sack

Reasons we may give you a new bin:

  • missing bin
  • damaged bin
  • change a bin size

Bin sizes

Most houses will have 240 litre bins.

If you have small bins (120 litre or 140 litre) you can swap them for large bins (240 litre).

If you have large bins (240 litre) you can swap them for small bins (120 litre or 140 litre).

Large communal bins

If you have nowhere to store bins or if you live in a flat, you might have larger communal, shared bins.

Contact the waste collections team to find out if you can get a communal bin:


If you do not have space to store recycling bins we may give you recycling sacks.