Check what goes in your recycling bins or sacks, your collection days, order a new bin or report a problem with your collection.

What goes in your red lid recycling bin or sacks

These are for plastics, metals and food cartons. Put the recycling directly into the bin or sack. Do not put it in a plastic bag as this contaminates the recycling. Squash plastic bottles and drink cartons - this helps to save space in your bin. You can also recycle the lids and tops.

Check what goes in each of your bins or sacks

Plastics, rinsed and squashed, that can go in this bin or sack:

  • food and drink bottles
  • toiletry bottles
  • tablet and medicine bottles
  • pots
  • tubs
  • trays
  • yoghurt pots
  • butter and margarine tubs
  • plastic lids and tops

Metals, empty and rinsed, that can go in this bin or sack:

  • tins
  • drink cans
  • empty aerosols cans
  • foil trays
  • clean aluminium foil
  • chocolate and biscuit tins
  • metal lids and caps

Cartons, rinsed and squashed, that can go in this bin or sack

  • food cartons
  • drink cartons

A to Z of waste items and which bin they should go in

What does not go in your red lid recycling bins or sacks

Some things cannot be recycled:

  • plastic bags
  • bin liners
  • cling film
  • glass
  • bubble wrap
  • polystyrene
  • biscuit wrappers
  • sweets wrappers
  • plastic wrappers
  • plastic netting
  • crisp bags
  • plastic cups
  • plastic straw
  • pet food pouches
  • oil can
  • paint cans
  • electrical items
  • batteries
  • wire
  • cutlery
  • gas bottles
  • metal pots
  • metal pans
  • metal trays