Check what goes in your recycling bins or sacks, your collection days, order a new bin or report a problem with your collection.

Glass bottles and jars recycling

You cannot recycling glass bottles and jars in your home recycling bins. Instead, empty and rinse them, then take them to a local recycling point or recycling centre.

Check what goes in each of your bins or sacks

Glass is sorted, crushed and sent to reprocessors for recycling into new glass products.

We can recycle:

  • food and drink bottles and jars
  • spice and condiment bottles and jars
  • toiletry bottles
  • perfume bottles

Do not put these in glass recycling:

  • metal tops and lids - these can go in your red lid recycling
  • corks
  • crockery
  • ceramics
  • Pyrex
  • windows
  • mirrors
  • drinking glasses
  • light bulbs

A to Z of waste items and which bin they should go in