Check what goes in your recycling bins or sacks, your collection days, order a new bin or report a problem with your collection.

What goes in your blue lid recycling bin or sacks

These are for paper, card and cardboard. Put the recycling directly into the bin or sack. Do not put it in a plastic bag as this contaminates the recycling. Flatten your card and cardboard to save space in your bin or sack.

Check what goes in each of your bins or sacks

Paper that can go in this bin or sack:

  • newspapers
  • magazines, without plastic covers or envelopes
  • catalogues
  • directories
  • letters
  • junk mail
  • envelopes, even if they have a plastic address window 
  • office paper
  • shredded paper
  • paperback books, if they cannot be donated to charity

Card and cardboard that can go in this bin or sack:

  • cereal boxes
  • cardboard packaging, with the packing tape removed
  • corrugated cardboard boxes
  • glitter-free greetings cards
  • toilet roll tubes
  • kitchen roll tubes
  • cardboard egg boxes

A to Z of waste items and which bin they should go in

What does not go in your blue lid recycling bins or sacks

Some things cannot be recycled:

  • plastic bags
  • tissues
  • napkins
  • kitchen towels
  • padded envelopes
  • wet paper
  • wet cardboard
  • wallpaper
  • paper or cardboard contaminated with food, for example, takeaway pizza boxes
  • disposable coffee cups
  • hardback books