Report a street lighting problem

Find out how to report a street lighting problem.

Report street lighting problem

You can also report a problem by calling 030 33 33 3000, or visiting one of our customer service centres.

To trace the problem, we need to know the:

  • identification number on the lamppost, if you can find it
  • address and number of the nearest building or area of land
  • type of fault or damage

These details will help us to make the repair more quickly.

You can also report a traffic lights problem.

How we prioritise problems

We aim to investigate urgent faults within 24 hours of report and repair non-urgent faults within 10 working days.

Repairs may take longer at peak times and in winter.

About our street lighting

We have around 26,000 lights to maintain, including road lights, amenity lights, floodlights, road sign lights, traffic lights, school flashing lights and zebra crossings.  

All our streetlights are LED (light emitting diode). We were the first local authority in Scotland to commit to changing all of our streetlights to LED. This was to reduce our carbon footprint by 42% by 2020.  The project was completed in 2019, two years ahead of schedule and it reduced the streetlighting carbon footprint by 62%.

Another benefit is cost saving from less frequent maintenance and replacement. The LEDs we use now have a lifespan of around 20 years, compared to the old sodium lamps that had a lifespan of around 3 years.

Apart from the carbon and energy savings, one benefit is the environmental impact of darker skies. The LED light source is a lot smaller than the sodium bulb so it can be concealed, and the beam concentrated downwards rather than out and upwards, causing light pollution. When viewed from space, the whole of the region is darker. It has also enabled us to become the only region in the whole of the UK to have two International Dark Sky Association sites - Galloway Dark Sky Park and Moffat Dark Sky Community