Get £100 to pay taxi fares if you are mobility impaired

If a serious mobility impairment makes public transport difficult for you, apply for a Taxicard. This gives you £100 to pay towards all or part of your taxi journeys.

You'll get £100 credit towards the cost of taxis each financial year and the card only costs £2. This can be used at any time to pay for journeys starting or finishing in Dumfries and Galloway.

Check your eligibility

You can get a card if you live in Dumfries and Galloway and any of the following applies:

  • you are registered blind
  • you get the higher rate mobility element of Disability Living Allowance
  • you get the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) or ADP (Adult Disability Payment) Mobility component Standard or Enhanced Rate
  • you get the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement with your War Disablement Pension
  • you are over the age of 60 and have a severe restriction of mobility

Apply in person

Bring your completed application, identification and proof of your entitlement to one of our customer service centres. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to process and we'll send your card to you.

What you need to bring when you apply

You need to bring:

  • proof of your address, for example a utility bill, bank statement, TV licence, Council Tax bill, or a letter from HMRC or DWP
  • proof of your eligibility, for example:
    • a letter from DWP
    • Disability Living Allowance book
    • PIP or ADP evidence letter
    • letter from your GP confirming your severe mobility restriction (your GP may charge you for this)
  • a passport-sized photograph (if you do not have a photo we can take one for you at the customer service centre)
  • £2 application fee, payable with cash, or with a debit or credit card
  • your completed application form

Download a Taxicard application form [PDF, 671KB]

How to use your Taxicard

You'll get a total of £100 to use to pay for all or part of your taxi journeys and a Taxicard ID badge. You can not apply for more vouchers until the next 1 April.

When you book your taxi, let the company know:

  • that you are making a Taxicard booking
  • if you need a wheelchair-adapted taxi

There are two options for how to use your Taxicard. You can only choose one.

1. Get 50 Taxicard £2 vouchers

With this option you can book a taxi with any company that is part of our Taxicard scheme (except for McLean's Taxis).

Show the driver your Taxicard ID badge and give them the vouchers you want to use to pay for all, or part of, your taxi journey.

2. Get a McLean's Taxis Taxicard

With this option you can only use McLean's Taxis.

Show the driver your Taxicard ID badge and your McLean's card and tell the driver how much of your remaining Taxicard balance to use to pay for all or part of your taxi journey.

Changing details regarding your Taxicard

If you have changed address bring proof of this change to a customer service centre and we'll update your account. 

Taxi companies you can use

Annandale area

Taxi company Telephone number Location
Auberge Taxis 01461 207676 Annan
Fox’s Taxi 07391 722225 Annan
A2Bee Travel 07957 135988 Annan
Fiona's Taxi 07833 164708 Annan
Irving's Taxis 07399 787817 Annan
MacLean's 01461 202419 Annan
Murray's Taxis 01461 204433 Annan
Greg's Private Hire 07449 280492 Annan and Gretna
Glitter Taxis 01461 701079 Eastriggs
Wagner's Taxis 07912 573502 Ecclefechan
Townhead Taxis 07562 647584 Lockerbie
PA Taxis 07591 648400 Lockerbie
Moffat Taxis 01683 221666 Moffat

Dumfries area

Taxi company Telephone number Location
Burns Taxis 01387 250507 Dumfries
Barnhill Cabs 07856 574773 Dumfries
Solway Taxis 01387 259090 Dumfries
Net Cabs 07734 247258 Dumfries
Connect Cabs 07514 394634 Dumfries
RC’s Private Hire 07878 320576 Dumfries
Woodgrove Taxis 07721 309537 Dumfries

Nithsdale area

Taxi company Telephone number Location
BJ Contract Hire 01659 58198 Sanquhar
Murphy's Taxis 07961 977691 Kirkconnel

Stewartry area

Taxi company Telephone number Location
Ray's Cabs 07850 054919 Castle Douglas
Hendo's Taxi 07752 728558 Dalbeattie
Allan's Taxis 01557 331663 Kirkcudbright
BP Taxis 07711 903928 Kirkcudbright
Nicky's Taxis 07397 874439 Kirkcudbright
Wigtownshire area
Taxi company Telephone number Location
A2B 01776 700070 Stranraer
Steve's Taxis 07710 604881 Stranraer