Apply for a road permit or closure

Apply to do work on, close or occupy part of any of our public roads, pavements or car parks. There is a charge for these services. If you do not pay in advance you may have to pay double the charge.

Apply for permission to attach something to a streetlight

Galas, fetes, and other similar events play an important role in community life in towns and villages across Dumfries and Galloway and we accept applications to attach hanging baskets, banners, bunting and festive lights to streetlighting columns. 

You must have a licence to attach items to a streetlight. These items may be removed if we have not given you a licence to attach them.

We must ensure any street lighting attachments do not pose a risk to the safety of the public, or other highway equipment such as traffic signals. We have to ensure the street lighting column is strong enough to safely support the attachment, and that the attachment will not affect the lighting equipment.

Apply to attach something to a streetlight

What you'll need to support your application

After we've checked your application you'll need to have the following documentation ready to send to us:

  • public liability insurance to a minimum value of £10 million
  • contractor's certificates of competency
  • a location map showing the lamp columns you wish to use.
  • a copy of your energy supply agreement (if your attachment requires the use of electricity)

Guidance and policy documents

Festive lights and attachments to street lighting columns policy (PDF, 312.51KB)

Festive lights manual (PDF, 669KB)

Banners bunting and attachments to lighting columns manual (PDF, 1.21MB)