Funerals, burials and cremations

Find out how to arrange a funeral, burial or cremation.

Arrange a funeral

Funeral arrangements are usually made with a funeral director. They will discuss your requirements with you and make the practical arrangements for you. They'll normally speak to us directly when arranging a funeral.

Funeral directors have all the resources and legal experience to guide you through the process, at what can be a very difficult and stressful time, but you can organise a funeral yourself. Contact our burial team for advice on what you need to do.

Make sure you know how things will be paid for before making arrangements. The deceased person may have contributed to a funeral scheme, so check any documentation, pension policies and letters.

Help with funeral costs

You may be entitled to help with funeral payments.

Help if there is no one to make funeral arrangements

We can help arrange a simple funeral when someone dies if they do not have any relatives or friends to make the funeral arrangements. We'll cover the funeral cost and try to recover the cost from any money left by the deceased.

Hospitals usually take responsibility if someone dies in their care if they have no friends or relatives that are able to make the funeral arrangements.

For further information contact the single access point team on 030 33 33 3001.