Recycle batteries

You can recycle most household batteries using new pink recycling bags we've sent to all households. Batteries are a fire hazard if not recycled properly, so do not put them in any of your bins.

We’ve sent all residents a pink recycling bag to make it easy to recycle household batteries.

This will prevent fires and explosions at our waste treatment facilities from batteries that have been put in with waste and recycling collections.

It's also better for the environment as the valuable materials in batteries can be recovered and reused.

How to use your pink recycling bags

Fill your pink recycling bag with your unwanted household batteries, seal it and leave it on top of your general waste or recycling bin (or sack). Do not leave it on your food waste bin and do not leave loose batteries on or near your bins.

How to get a new pink recycling bag

When we collect your full battery recycling bag we'll leave a new one under your bin lid.

If you use a sack or communal bin you can collect a new bag from one of our customer service centres.

You can also order bags online.

What goes in your pink recycling bags

We can recycle full, partially used, rechargeable and normal type batteries, including:

  • AA
  • AAA
  • C
  • D
  • 6V
  • 9V

We can also recycle batteries from:

  • toys
  • laptops
  • mobile phones
  • watches
  • hearing aids

What does not go in your pink battery recycling bags

We can only accept batteries that will fit in your pink battery recycling bag. Anything larger, like car batteries, you can take to a recycling centre.

Electronic cigarettes and vapes cannot be recycled in your pink bag. These can be returned to many supermarkets or the shops you bought them from.