Renew your marriage vows

Renewal of vows ceremonies give couples the opportunity to celebrate their married years together.

Every ceremony will be unique and special people in the couple's lives can be invited to take part in the ceremony. Ceremonies are secular and do not involve any religious references.

Often these ceremonies are arranged with a special wedding anniversary in mind, such as the tenth, twenty-fifth or even golden, but these ceremonies are just as appropriate at any stage of your marriage.

The ceremony has no legal status and the couple's marriage certificate must be shown before a ceremony can be booked.

How to book your ceremony

To find out more and book your ceremony:

We'll ask you to send your marriage certificate when you make your booking.

Where to have your ceremony

You can arrange a renewal of marriage vows ceremony in a registration office or one of the other authorised venues across Dumfries and Galloway.


The basic fee for a renewal of marriage vows is £290. We charge an extra £196 for ceremonies held on a Saturday, a Sunday or a public holiday.

Other charges may also apply at certain registration offices; ask the registrar for further details. Authorised venues will have additional costs for using their facilities.